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How To Verify Your Neteller Account


If you’re on Neteller and wish to get your Neteller account verified, then this one is for you. We will be guiding you on how to do it easily. Neteller is one of the best online banking platforms and is totally secure so your money is totally safe.

Basically, you can complete the verification process in 5 simple steps. We will be detailing the process so that you can follow through to get your account verified here they are –

Step 1

Fund your account. To do this, simply choose the “Deposit Now” icon to go to the deposit page. Deposits can be using the following channels-

  • Visa debit/credit cards
  • Skrill
  • Neteller or
  • International bank transfer

Once done, Neteller will send you an email telling you of your successful transaction. View the money in your account by clicking “Account”. You’ll find the money in the ”Recent Transactions” section. Now click “Verifying Your Account” above “Recent Transactions”.  You’ll see that the “Fund Your Account” has an on its bar.

Locate the bar that says “Create your personal security questions” and set your security questions with answers. This will help to recover your account if your you lose access to it. Then, enable 2-factor authentication to provide more security. Once done, you’ll see the mark on the bar.

Step 3

Step 2

Click the bar the that says “Verify Your ID”. Ignore the option to verify through Facebook. Make use of alternative documents. Here you’ll use a webcam to upload your ID. Click on “Upload” and access the webcam.

Follow the due processes by filling the required ID details, then, click “Verify” and upload your passport via webcam. Next, click “continue” and capture your facial image then click “capture image”. Your documents will be reviewed and you’ll get an email to that effect. Once reviewed, you’ll see the ✓.

Step 4

Click on the bar that says “verify your location” and you can upload your bank statement or your utility bill. Use your webcam preferably to take the document’s picture, save it in your computer, then upload. Neteller will review your upload and you’ll see the once reviewed.

Step 5

It takes between 24 and 48 hours to get your account verified after the review. Next, you’ll get a verification mail. Open the verification mail to confirm that your review was successful. Head back to your account on Neteller and go to the Account section. You’ll see that your account is verified.

Again, in the overview section, it will be displayed that your account is verified, so, the process is complete.

That’s how to verify your account on Neteller from Bangladesh. It should be easy as far as you follow the due process. If you encounter problems while using your webcam, ensure that you position your documents perfectly so that you can get a perfect shot.

Now you can begin using your verified Neteller account without hiccups.

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