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The Bet Builder Feature From Bet365


If you’re in Bangladesh, it will interest you to know that the widely renowned bet365 has launched it betting feature which is called Bet Builder. This release is gaining so much popularity and getting bet365 customers excited. Well, you know about the request-a-bet market that gained popularity some years back. Bet365 happens to be the very first online betting site to get this market automated. However, this time, let us delve into this new feature from bet365 and see what customers stand to gain.

How Bet Builder works

With bet builder, you have the ability to create a pre-match soccer bet which is customized. Whichever game you choose, you can choose various markets to place bets in. All you have to do is to select the market and include them in your bet. Bet365 gets to calculate the odds automatically.

We have the opportunity to add a total of 6 selections from various markets related to one particular game. These market include –

  • Both to score
  • Corners
  • Both to score
  • Goal Scorers
  • Cards
  • The total goals
  • Full-time result
  • Team specials

So, what you do is to use all the odds of these selections to create a single bet. When you click every football match, you will be able to locate this new feature. Any match which has many betting options will give you room to increase your bets.

Leagues that are not too attractive usually have limited options but leagues that are attractive tend to have increased options for betting such as –

  • 10 Minute Markets
  • Team Specials
  •  Goal Scorer
  • Team Corners
  • Corners

Building your bet

In other to include selections in your bet, simply go to your choice game. Click on the Bet Builder and select Add Selection. You will, then, be shown a lot of markets when you make a selection and it is up to you to choose your desired one. Simply make one selection and every available option for that market will be displayed.

If you make a selection, you will find that it is included the Bet Builder slip. The current odds can be checked right there. Check out 5 other markets and repeat the same process. Once you add a market, the odds can be checked. Once you are done, simply click on your desired ad and it will be included on the betting slip.

If you have successfully placed your bet after confirmation, simply visit the My Bets Section to view it.


There are bookmakers in Bangladesh who still offer the same service but they rather call it the request a bet service. But bet365 gives us a more innovative service. Now, bettors do not have to go through a rigorous process just to create a personalized bet. As virtually the most innovative online bookmaker in the world, we trust bet365 to perfect this new feature while making plans to release more innovations. Who knows, with time, we could get to see a Bet Builder combos.

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