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Everything You Need To Know About Tennis Betting Markets


Beginners often find it difficult to bet on Tennis. However, pro gamblers usually indulge in tennis. Betting on tennis games has huge potential. With responsible gambling, there’s money to be made. Therefore, if you’re into betting on bookmaker websites like bet365, this guide will help you to understand tennis betting.

Have you got a Bangladesh betting account on bet365 yet? If you haven’t, you should get one because it is one of the best places to engage in tennis betting. Now, here’s what you need to know about tennis betting:

The Basics

To be a successful bettor on tennis games, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the game’s rules. Understanding the rules will help you to grasp what the betting market is like and will help you to make informed decisions.

Tennis match scoring system makes use of points as well as games and sets.

Set are made up of a minimum of 6 games that comprise points. In order for a player to win a set, he or she must be able to win six games and have a 2-game margin difference over his/her opponent (As in 6-3 and 7-5

Tennis Betting

As earlier stated, a player, as well as, a team of two players can win a tennis match if they win more sets than their opponents. In Grand Slams, the male category uses a best of five sets, while the female category uses a best of three sets.

The Markets

The market for betting in tennis vary according to the type of game being played. In a typical tennis match, here are the bet markets that you will find –

  • First or second player to win the set – Get the opportunity to bet on what player will win in a particular set as the game goes on.
  • Match winner – This is simply about betting on the winner of the game
  • Home wins to nil – If you are new to tennis betting in Bangladesh, you may find it a bit difficult to determine what player place at home. However, it is quite easy to no this. Take a look at the players and see whose name comes first. The player that comes first plays at home and the player that comes next please away. An example is Andy Murray vs Roger Federer. So, here you get to see that Andy Murray plays at home and Rodger Federer plays away.
  • 1st set love – In this betting market, you are staking your money that a certain player will win or lose every game that is played in the first set.
  • Total Sets- What do you think of a tennis game. Do you have the feeling that it will be about two sets long? Do you have a feeling that it would rather extend into a game that is three sets long or more? Stake your bet accordingly.

  • Match total games (Over or Under) – This time you can place your bet on what the total games will amount to during the match.


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