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Best Banking Option For Betting


If you’re in Bangladesh, you’re probably craving to get in on the betting action. However, you may be confused as to what betting site to trust. Remember that it’s vital to go with the winning bookmakers. One of such is bet365 which is a leading bookmaker in Bangladesh.

You need to ensure that you’re betting on a site that offers a fast and seamless way to deposit and withdraw money. Here we will be teaching you to understand the banking options for bettors and know the best since different sites offer varied banking options. We will consider some of them here –

  1. Credit cards

Many bettors in Bangladesh have credit cards and using it to deposit is common. Some credit card companies do not permit you to make deposits into some bookmakers and vice versa. In online betting, MasterCard and Visa are mostly accepted since most customers have then handy and online bookmakers want to make depositing seamless.

  • Neteller

This is a widely renowned channel for carrying out transactions on betting sites. Neteller is basically a 3rd-party payment processor used by most websites and it’s been here since the year 1999. Neteller is very reliable if you want to deposit or withdraw your funds via online banking and it is very flexible. Neteller deals with about 26 currency types with more than 40 ways for funding your account. You’ll never be let down with this banking option.

  • Money Transfers

There are betting sites which give you the option of money transfer directly from your bank. all you have to do is to make use of the routing number of your bank and your bank account number. Bank transfers widely used and it is easy to deposit or withdraw money into your online betting account. If you do not have a credit card or you are on a betting site which does not permit the use of credit cards, you could opt for money transfers as a better option in Bangladesh.

  • Bitcoin

This is becoming a very widely used option. Today, sport betting sites have begun to key into the trend. Bitcoin audience has, also, happened to develop an interest in sports betting too. The younger generation sees bitcoin as a favorable way to deposit money right into their accounts. Since bookmakers need you to keep up with the button, they are adapting and are willing to accept bitcoins.

  • Skrill

Skrill is a 3rd-party payment processor which has made it easy to transfer money to your sports betting account from your wallet. In fact, it is very fast and easy. Skrill is based in the UK and is available to customers in Bangladesh.

3rd-Party Payment Protection

Third-party protection helps you to be safe with the knowledge that all your vital financial information pertaining to your credit card is secured as you go about making deposits online. These companies that specialize in payment protection ensure that no other person can see your personal information or even hack it as you make payments or try to withdraw. This is the reason that the biggest betting sites make use of their services.

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