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How To Place Bets On Bet365 From Bangladesh


If you’re reading this, you most likely have created your bet365 account from Bangladesh and have verified it. That’s a good one. Being arguably the best bookmaker in the world, bet365 is very secure and has an intuitive platform. Now, I’ll be showing you how to place bets on bet365. The steps are simple actually.

Step 1

Simply log into your account using the required username and password.

Step 2

Next, you have to choose what game you intend to bet on. So, let’s take the English football league as an example. Go to the sports list at the left side on your screen. Click “soccer”, scroll down and select the Barclays premier league from the league list.

Step 3

Now you’re to choose a bet type. Full-Time Result” is a very easy-to-understand bet type. It is, also, called Match Betting or even Money Line. This type of bet means you are picking a team to win or draw. You can make three choices as follows – pick 1 to bet on the home side to win, pick 2 to bet on the away team to win or pick X to bet on the game ending in a draw.

Dates and times of games are displayed in the corner of the screen to the left in the time zone which you chose during registration.

Step 4

Once you click the odds to bet on, a bet slip will be generated for you to the right of the screen. Now, you’re expected to input your stake, which is the amount you wish to bet with. Once you’ve done that, you’ll see the amount you’re to win if your prediction works. The amount is displayed under “To Return”. As soon as you enter your bet stake, click on the “Place Bet” button and that’s all. You bet is placed.

So, basically, that’s how to place a bet on your bet365 Bangladesh account. It’s very easy and the process is smooth. Here are some other bet options for you –

  • Double Chance

This simply involves you betting on either of the teams to win the game. Either 1 wins or draws, or 2 wins or draws, or there will be no tie in the scores. Basically, you’re betting that one of the teams will emerge the winner.

  • Correct Score

In a correct score bet, you’re betting on an exact final score which you predict by yourself.

  • Half-Time/Full-Time

This kind of bet simply implies that you could bet on the outcome during the first half and on the final score as predicted by you

  • Goals-Over/Under

Here you can bet on the aggregate number of goals which will be scored as predicted by you. For example, “Over 1.5” means 2 goals or even more will be scored while “Under” implies that 1 goal or less will be scored.

With these basics, you should do very well with your Bangladesh bet365 account. Get betting and winning already with bet 365

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