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How To Open A Neteller Account


So, lots of persons are really curious about Neteller and how to open a Neteller account in Bangladesh. In this article, we will be showing you the steps that you need to follow to create one. The steps are simple and they are just four in number

The steps to open a Neteller account

Here is a summary of the 4 steps that you need to open your Neteller account in Bangladesh –

  • Visit the Neteller official website and locate the “Join for free” icon.
  • Fill the form and click the icon that says “Open Account” below
  • A Neteller Secure ID will be shown next. Write it down and go to your email to confirm your account
  • Log in to the just created account and you’ll see a big green icon which says “Money in”. Use it to deposit your funds.

That’s the process in general. You can see how simple it is. Now let us elaborate more for persons who need a more detailed out procedure –

Step 1

Visit Neteller website and sign up. To do so, locate the icon that says “Join for free” and click it. You’ll find it at the upper right of your screen or located right in the middle

Step 2

Fill the form that pops out. You’ll be directed to a new page to fill the sign up for. All you have to do is to put in all the information that is required. Info regarding your identity, as well as, information regarding your security will be needed in order to protect your account. Things like a password which must be strong, as well as, some security questions will be used to get your account verified in the event that you misplace the login details.

At first, it may seem so much of a hassle for you but Neteller uses this process to ensure that its customers stay protected from fraud. So, endeavor to go through the whole process.

Step 3

Once you have located the Open Account icon and clicked on it, you get to a page which you will be notified that you have received an email for confirmation. Then again, you will see a Neteller Secure ID being displayed. Write down the SECURE ID and keep it safe.

Step 4

Open your email and you will find the confirmation sent to you buy Neteller. Click on the link and your account will be confirmed. After this, your account will be created successfully in Bangladesh. An email that contains your account details will be sent to you. You can call Neteller or have them call you to get your account confirmed. So, you need to ensure that the phone number which you provided during the registration process is valid and accessible. Then again, make sure that every information which you provided is still at hand as you will be asked questions pertaining to your account.

Neteller is a very secure platform for online banking in Bangladesh and the reviews are totally good and positive.

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