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How To Open Bet365 Account From Bangladesh


When it comes to betting, bet365 is arguably the biggest bookmaker in Bangladesh, Asia, and the rest of the world. The company itself has gained so much experience in the world of bookmaking. It was established in 1974 and is licensed.

In recent times, bet365 has bagged international awards, as well as, a lot of profits which shows that the company is steadily developing in the right direction. Between 2010 and 2013, bet365 was known to be the best online betting company in the world. In 2011, especially, bet365 became officially recognized in Great Britain and it was officially pronounced as the world’s best bookmaker.

How to create your Bet365 account

In order to create a bet365 account, all that is needed is for you to use this guide. Remember that bet365 is simply one of the best platforms if you decide to begin your betting journey in Bangladesh. So, here are the steps that you can use to set up a betting account on bet365

Step 1

First, visit www.bet365.com. Once the site has finished loading, click the ”Join Now” icon that is mostly positioned at the up right area on the screen.

Step 2

You will see a popup window requesting for personal details from you. You should fill the right details. Then, ensure that you answer all the questions on the registration form which include things like your address, your full name, and more. You will be required to indicate your time zone, as well as, username, a password, including a security number.

Reminder – Make sure not to fill in any wrong information. All details entered should match the details contained in your national ID card. Filling in wrong information will result in issues when it is time to claim rewards or during payout. When it is time to claim any winnings, bet365 will match your real information with the data that you used in registering. 

For persons who try to register but keep experiencing problems, simply locate the “contact us” icon and click it. It is located above the registration form. Use it to get support from customer care. Bet365 customer care is always available and you can reach them via email, via live chat, or simply get them to complete the registration.

Step 3

At this stage, your account on bet365 is now ready. To confirm this, a welcome email will be sent to you via the email address which you provided during the registration. You will, also, get a specified bonus and the offer can be accessed using the directions contained in your email.


Opening your bet365 account should be hassle-free if you follow the steps that are provided above. For individuals from Bangladesh that wish to become smart investors, opening an account on bet365 is a smart move. Simply use the comprehensive guide and register your account in just some clicks.

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