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How To Verify Your Skrill Account


So, you probably created an account on Skrill and it is time to get it verified. This is because you will not be able to enjoy its full features without a verification. The verification process is geared toward the prevention of fake accounts, as well as, the misuse of data. Skrill verification in Bangladesh requires you to provide proof of evidence which corresponds with your personal information. To begin the verification process, funds must be uploaded to your account via Bitcoin, Neteller, bank transfer, debit/credit cards, and more.

The verification process

In order to begin the process, simply go to your account and locate the Account Verification option in the Settings section.

Facial/ID verification

Select upload photos and proceed. A photo where you hold your original ID beside your face, as well as, a legal ID copy is needed. You will get directed to a section to do the following

  • Select issuing country
  • Choose ID type
  • Verify your ID

Ensure that your ID is valid. Then again, snap the document on both sides. Ensure that it is done correctly and that it is very visible and readable. Alongside your ID, you will have to take a selfie with you holding the ID beside your face.

In order to get your Skrill account ownership verified, what you need to do is snap yourself holding the exact same ID just beside your face. It is very important as Skrill looks to ensure that its platform is full of

legitimate users only. on the successful uploading of the required documents, Skrill will send you a success message and you can, then, proceed to more verification steps.

Address Verification

Location verification is one more step in verifying your account in Bangladesh. You need to complete this step as proof of residence in your country. This is the same country that you filled in while registering. To verify your address, you can use any of these two options –

  • Upload the address document which could be a utility bill or even a bank statement. To verify your account using your address document, you can do it by uploading just one document from a list of options listed as a  bank statement, your school enrolment letter, your utility bill, as well as, council bill and your credit card statement.
  • Facebook verification which is a new addition to the screen verification process.

Remember that your documents must be valid and not more than 3 months old in order to be successful.

Notification from Skrill

On the successful verification of your account, Skrill will send you a notification via email. If your documents have been successfully submitted, then, you are through with the steps for verification. It will be displayed in the summary. But the process doesn’t end here. All you have to do is to be patient until Skrill sends you a success message. On receiving a positive notification, then, the process is complete and your account is verified.


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