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How To Play Poker – A GuideFor Beginners


This guide will help beginners in Bangladesh to understand the game of poker. There are a lot of poker players who have gotten to know the intricacies of the game. Poker is something that you can learn. Even if your inherent talent can help you be a better player, you don’t really have to be extremely talented to play poker.

Get A Strategy

If you wish to be a good poker player, then, you have to develop a strategy for learning. Yes but, poker players used to learn the game in a hard way by getting beaten time and again over the table. But today, many poker players have become better by reading a lot of material on how to play poker and they have added this to their experiences gained while playing on the table. You too can find lots of information on poker to help you develop your skills by reading books, magazines, as well as, the internet.


Having knowledge alone will not make you successful in poker. Need to develop discipline while applying your strategy. And indiscipline poker player will never be a consistent winner no matter how sophisticated they are strategy wise. A player that does not have the discipline needed to throw away starting hands that are poor can get no benefits from the knowledge he has.

You want to develop discipline in order to win consistently and remember that you necessarily do not need to be champion of the world to be a winner at poker. If you develop good skills through discipline, you will be able to earn enough from poker to supplement your income or even become a big earner at the game. The very successful poker players have retired from their earnings won in the game of poker.

The Objective Of Poker

Basically, you play poker to capture the pot. Inside the pot, you will find bets that have been made by different players at that hand. You will wager a bet hoping that your hand is the best or to send others feeling that you have a very strong hand which can influence them to fold their own hands. Saving money is still as valuable as winning money and, so, it’s important to know when to release or when to bet. In poker, mostly, the best hand is the one that has a high combination of 5 cards.

The Deck

Mostly, a deck of 52 cards is the standard. If you play Draw Poker & Low-ball, the deck usually has a joker added. Although not being a wild card, it is useful in Draw Poker because it serves as an added ace. It can, also, complete straights or flushes.

Number Of Players

Based on what game is being played, from 2 to 10 players can engage in poker. Most times, casinos set up a game with 8 players who engage in a 7-card game or sometimes 10 players in a game like Texas Hold’em.


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