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How To Open A Skrill Account


In order for you to carry out money transactions online betting sites such as bet365 from Bangladesh, a Skrill account is essential. For those who are searching for a legitimate way to create an account on Skrill, this one is for you. Here, we will be teaching you on how you can create your Skrill account seamlessly.

The steps to opening your Skrill account

Step 1

First of all, go to the homepage of Skrill and locate the button that says “Sign up”. You will find it on the slider on the home page. All you have to do is check the sliders first page to locate the icon. Once you’ve located it, simply click to sign up. Joining Skrill is totally free and no money is required

Next, you will be directed to the page for signing up on Skrill where you will be required to input the necessary information. If you wish to be approved to move to the second step, you will have to provide the following information –

  • Your account type, whether it is a business or a personal account
  • Your country of origin
  • The currency that will be your transaction currency. Endeavor to select the US dollar
  • Your personal details which will include:
  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • First address
  • Second address
  • Your city
  • Your postal code
  • Your mobile number and you’ll see that Bangladesh is automatically given +880

Once this step has been successful, you will, then, be directed to the second step.

Step 2

Skrill account. Here are the details that will be required of you –

  • Your Email address. This is important since this is the channel through which you will receive a verification mail from Skrill. Before providing your email, we suggest that you ensure that it is active.
  • Date of birth. It is important that you keep your date of birth handy, especially, if Skrill is going to be authorized from your bookmaker. Endeavor to not forget your date of birth.
  • Your password. You have to ensure that you make use of a password that is very strong. Most times, you would be required to use a password of 8 characters that contains, at least, a digit.
  • Captcha
  • Tick the box. You should do this if you intend for Skrill to send you exclusive offers in future.

Once you are through with this step, all you have to do is click to accept in order to get your account created.

Step 3

Skrill will send a link to your email for verification. At this point, what you have to do is to access your email and you will find the verification link. Simply click it to complete the process.

So, these are the 3 easy steps to open a Skrill account. With these guidelines, it shouldn’t take you so much time to set up your Skrill account in Bangladesh.


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