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Everything you need to know about cricket betting


One of the best sports to actively bet on is cricket. You can get to bet in the short term and in the long term too. There are bets that sometimes last up to 5 days. If you are in Bangladesh and you’re contemplating cricket betting, then, this guide will help you understand the general cricket betting landscape. Here are the basics of cricket betting for Bangladesh bettors.

1st Over Total Runs

Here you are predicting the number of runs that will occur in the 1st over and, then, betting over or under it. For instance, if the bookmaker places the limit at 4.5 but and 3 runs occur, you will win if you bet Underbut will lose if you bet Over.

Batsman Matches

This is sort of a challenge set up by the bookmaker where any batsman that records the highest runs wins.

1st Wicket Method

Here you are predicting how the 1st Wicket will be taken and there are 6 options which include –

  • Caught
  • Bowled
  • Stumped
  • LBW
  • Run Out
  • Others

Dead Heat

This simply describes a scenario where more than one winner emerges from any betting event. That is to say where two or more batsmen score a corresponding number of runs, the rules of dead heat will apply, halving the worth of the initial stake.


This simply involves betting on a future event.

Draw no Bet

This particular market will only surface if it is likely that both teams will draw. In a DNB market, the only two outcomes which are possible are the 1 or 2. You will be refunded if the game concludes as a draw.


Basically involves wagering on opposite sides to protect your bet and still leave you with some winnings if you lose your original bet.


Here you’re expected to win the bet easily

Highest Opening Partnership

Here, any side that fields open partners that record the highest runs wins in this market. Mostly, low odds are accorded to the favorite.


Here you’re betting on an individual that you think would produce the most outstanding individual performance.

Most Match Sixes

All you get to do here is predict the team to hit more sixes.


Any team that has the highest run-outs wins. If a tie occurs, the bet that wins is X

Point Spread

This is a handicap where the bookmaker gives the weaker team an advantage. All you have to do is bet on any advantage that you feel will play out.


Bet over or under a limit set by the bookmaker with respect to the combined aggregate goals, points, or runs

Series Score

Here you are placing the bet on what day correct score will be in Test Series matches.

The highestnumber of 1st 6 Overs

Here, you are placing your bet on who will record the highest runs during the very first six overs.

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