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Everything you need to know about football betting


All over the world and even in Bangladesh, football is the only sport that has the highest fan base numbering into billions. Today, we are putting together a guide for beginners who wish to become involved in football betting in Bangladesh, especially, on websites like bet365.com which is the most popular and credible bookmaker in the world. Let us first get you acquainted with some betting terms in football –


A stake simply refers to the money that you bet with. We could call it the amount which you will lose if your prediction ends up wrong.


In football betting, the accumulator refers to a collection of single bets in a group such that if every single bet place correctly you would win the accumulated bet. This is risky because all bets must play as predicted in order for you to win.


Your handicap is usually offered if one of the opponents is the favorite. Try to imagine the local team of amateurs coming up against a team like Brazil. What the handicap does is to give the underdog some advantage.


In this bet type, you are to predict who wins the first half and, then, the full game.


Basically, a banker is almost very certain because the tip star is confident of the bet having the expected outcome.


A scorecast is a situation where you predict that a particular player will score and you place your bet on the player while, also, predicting what the scoreline of the game will be.


Here you predict that a particular player will score and bet on him while, also, predicting who wins the game.


This is basically a bad type where you predict the number of goals to be scored and then bet above or below that number. For instance, over 4.5 implies that there will be 5 goals and above. Under 4.5 implies that there will be 4 goals and below.

90-minute bet

In this sort of bet, bettors bet on a particular player but if such player fails to appear in the game, the bet will be called off. If the reverse happens, the bet remains eligible within normal time.

Draw No Bet

Draw no bet simply implies that in the event that the game ends in a draw, you will be given back your money. Basically, this is one of the safest types of bets but the difference is that it carries ads that are relatively lower when selected.

Double chance

This refers to a bet type where you predict who the winner of a game will be and if the team wins or draws the game, you win. However, if the thing that you choose ends up losing the game, your bet is lost. Just like in draw no bet, the double chance will give you lower odds but has a high safety proposition.

With this in mind, if you’re looking for a very good online betting website to stake your money on football betting, visit the official bet365 home page.

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