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Betting Online From Bangladesh


In 1867, Bangladesh’s Public Gaming Act was passed into law and it is what guides gambling in Bangladesh. Gambling in Bangladesh is very much regulated since Bangladesh is basically a country that is weighted in Islam and strictly adheres to the laws of Islam. Anyone caught engaging in gambling can be sentenced to up to 30 days in prison with a fine.

Bangladesh’s gambling laws seem to be a bit confusing and this is the same case for other countries where the art of gambling is taken to be illegal. For instance, you would find out horse racing is not illegal. Of course, you know that this sport deals with gambling but since a lot of Islamic countries love the sport, they allow it. Then again, the gambling laws in Bangladesh has loopholes which online bookmakers exploit. This is because these sites are mostly not present in the country.

Recommendations for bettors

Keep in mind that you take responsibility for your betting activities. What you get from us is only the information that can guide you. Ensure that you are familiar with the laws regarding gambling in your jurisdiction and exercise diligence.

Although you could get into trouble if found running or entering gambling dens right here in Bangladesh, you probably will not get prosecuted for horse race gambling or for using sportsbooks, as well as casinos and poker rooms that are based online. The truth is that gambling is widely spread in Bangladesh via this loopholes.

The culprits involved in gambling would be too many to arrest if the police decided to go against all gamblers. This is because even the politicians, as well as, police officers wildly have seemed to be involved. This is the case, especially, with gambling dens. A lot of this dens take place in cafes and they take bets on cricket, play pool, and more. The police happen not to raid these places and act like they did not see them.

Betting sites

There are a lot of betting sites that do not accommodate Bangladesh players. It is because they are confused about the gambling laws and tend to focus their attention to countries where gambling is legal which include Europe, as well as, Canada and Australia. But one bookmaker which is highly recommended in Bangladesh is bet365.com.

There are a lot of things that you could bet on if you are a player from Bangladesh. Basically, you will have access to global sports. Then again, kabaddi is very popular in Bangladesh. Kabaddi is, also, featured in Asian games. It is a very old sport with a strong connection to the history of Bangladesh.

Another popular spot on betting sites in Bangladesh is cricket. In fact, cricket happens to be the most widely gambled on sports. Also, soccer happens to be very popular too even if the national team has a ranking that is very low with no professional league to boast of. This is the reason that soccer fans that support teams in Europe.

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