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Best Cricket Betting Strategies On Bet365


Although a lot of bettors in Bangladesh see in play betting to be their preferred way to make quick money, there are fans who love sports which gives them a time to think and consider. Cricket betting on bet365 is a very good example and it has the potential for good rewards. When it comes to cricket games, punters are expected to develop strategies which will help them. For example, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of statistics in terms of batting averages, conditional performances, and wickets. This will help you decide how to place bets and you can get the stats from various sites. Then again, you need to have an approach that is not just open but flexible to cricket markets.

‘Runs’ Market

The best time to direct your focus at the runs market is early in the match. You will find great in-play odds on bet365 which range from runs-off-the-next-delivery and the next-over to ‘next 30 overs, as well as, ‘innings total’. These come in over or under formats. For instance, if you place a bet on over 0.5 for runs-off-the-next-delivery, it implies that you are placing your bet that a run will be scored in the next ball. If the match is a tithe test, your bet would likely pay around 2/1 to 3/1. Based on the person at the crease, the odds and your market choice we will change. If it happens that the batsman hit the bowler everywhere, simply jump right in.

‘Wickets’ Market

The wickets market deserves your attention too. Given the luxury of time which you can take to consider strategy, as well as, the performance, you will be able to evaluate the batsman. If the batman looks solid, you can place a bet in an over that the return will be safe and low against the wicket. Then again, you could analyze if a runs target is chased by an attacking batsman. No matter how hot he is, it could be worth punting that a wicket will fall.

‘Next Man Out’

This is yet another market that you can take advantage of. Partnerships are very important in solid cricket matches and the ability to access pairings is the key to solid cricket betting. Most times, bookies will provide odds that are around evens that any of the pairs will be the next out. So, if you can determine who’s next, it could be a cool way to fatten your pot.

Upward / Downward

For persons in Bangladesh who have the guts to gamble, a lot of opportunities exists if you can spy which team is on an upward rise or likely to collapse. One of the biggest advantages converting is fine. It gives you flexibility when selecting in-play markets. Why not visit bet365 to take a look at the markets and apply these strategies.

These are cool strategies for cricket betting and study them well so that you can become a great cricket punter soon.


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