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A Complete Soccer Betting Guide For 2019


Bet365 is a superb online bookmaker that offers a fantastic soccer betting experience for bettors in Bangladesh. So, if you are looking for ways to maximize your chances of bet365 soccer betting, we have prepared this guide for you. Here, we will take a review of the soccer betting markets which are very popular and how to navigate them to improve your chances.


Is very popular to bet on who wins his soccer game, especially, for multi-bets, as well as, the underdog. Although you will get high odds if you bet on a draw, we only recommend that you do so for two teams that are evenly matched.

First Goal Scorer

 This is a very ideal betting option, especially, for strikers that are informed. Although you get good odds on midfielders, you will be better off putting your money on a striker since they have a higher chance of being the first scorers. Remember to look up the scoring record of a player against the opposing team as it could reveal goal scoring patterns.


A team that is highly favored would offer you a bet of great value if you bet on them to take the lead by halftime and still go on to win the game. You could try the style of betting to get better odds.

Total Goals

This form of betting is popular as well in soccer betting on bet365. Here, the bookmaker provides total goals which could be over or under. The tip is to bet on over total goals where the two teams are very attacking but to bet on under total goals if they are more defensive.

Check these soccer betting strategies on Bet365


One very good strategy is to check the form of any team before betting. This will help you to discover patterns against the opposition. You will, also, get to see guides on individual players.


Match venues play an important role in the performance of any team as some of them may play better or worse at specified venues. An ideal option is to bet on a team which has a good record at one specific venue.

Home Advantage

Basically, teams that play at home usually more favored since the home crowd will be on their own side. For example, you notice that during the Olympics, the home team usually stands a higher chance of winning the gold as in the case of Brazil in 2016.


You should take injuries into account when betting in Bangladesh on bet365. If a team is missing some of its key players, it is likelier to not win.


Of course, you know that the weather can have a big influence on the outcome of a soccer game. When it is raining or snowing, it will be more difficult to score goals and the best betting option here is to go for under goals.


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